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Seeds of Our Future is a brand-new, hour-long podcast where we interview representatives of organizations that are working towards a

compassionate, sustainable, equitable and conscious future, with

actionable steps on how you can help.


Our Mission: To provide listeners with information about what is currently being done to create a better future, as well as resources and actionable steps on how they can participate in this work. Each episode will add to a library of collected wisdom that will pass on positive guidance for generations. 

        We are just getting started with interviewing our first guests. Follow us on Instagram @SeedsofOurFuture to find out when our first episode airs!

        Would you or someone you know be a great guest for our show? We want to know! Send us an email at

                 Want to support the show? Click to donate via PayPal,

                                or become a patron of the show on Patreon.

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